a dream I had about going to Solomon’s Temple in Detroit

I remember running north to and west on Seven Mile, in Detroit, until I reached Solomon’s Temple; the church my mother used to take me and my siblings to when we were kids. It seemed to be 2014 and I was eagar to visit that place simply for the nostalgia of it. That grand stage was a sight to behold and I wanted to see it once again. So in I walked, not from the main entrance but from the side or the back; thru a narrow hall cluttered with what seemed to be desks, file cabinets and stuff like that.

I scanned the framed pictures on the wall, looking at white people I assumed were the new owners, their families and friends, hoping to see someone I recognized. Soon I did. It was my mother and the friends she used to attend with, like Grace and Sissy, when they were much younger. The pictures had to be from the 1980s and maybe even the 1970s. I don’t remember seeing myself or my siblings, but seeing the faces I did recognize, in old pictures I didn’t, brought on a rush of nostalgia.

2014 ( December 21 )

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