a dream I had about a beat I made

I guess I was working at Target. I remember the red and white color theme and the huge logo on the building. That’s where I had my headphones plugged in; the outside headphone jack; as I listened to the beat I made. It was a hip-hop type of beat with rock-style drums and an orchestral bassline, similar to In The Same Dream, and we were going to make a song out of it. That’s “we” meaning me, my boss; or one of the managers; and one or two other co-workers. They all seemed to love the beat as much as I did. And the song was going to be epic.

As I listened to it via the outside headphone jack, I kept thinking that if I were to unplug the headphones, the audio would play thru the outside and inside store speakers, meaning customers on both the outside and the inside of the store would hear it along with all the others workers. I don’t know if that would’ve actually happened or not, but the possibility intrigued me. I certainly didn’t mind on an aesthetic level if everyone heard it. It was just a beat, after all, with no potentially offensive vocals added yet. I kept thinking I’d get in big trouble for it nonetheless.

I did play it a while later thru the indoor speakers of a smaller store. It wasn’t Target. It was more like a privately-owned comic book shop or something. I must’ve been friends with the manager because they not only let me play it but stood there listening to it with me and a few other people, including Cambia. She compared it to a Rosie O’Donnell beat as others had. Oddly enough, Rosie O’Donnell had become a well-respected hip-hop music producer in this dream, so I responded by telling her that there was still room to get on it if she wanted to.

2012 ( March 09 )

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