video review : Paranormal Activity 2

video review : Paranormal Activity 2

The best thing about this movie is the baby boy. He’s cute and endearing, as babies often are. But his precious presence is wasted because the movie is pointless. It’s a very unneccesary sequel to a movie that wasn’t even that interesting in the first place, let alone scary. And even if you think the first set of Paranormal Activity was scary, how likely are you to fall for the same tricks?

Everything but the ending takes place before that first one, so it’s actually a prequel of sorts; a backstory to tell us more about Katie and the demon that’s been harassing her since she was eight years old. It does that via more home video footage; this time from a surveillance system installed in the home of Katie’s sister, Kristi, after what appears to be some kind of random home invasion.

Kristi; who shares the house with her husband, his daughter from a previous marriage and their newborn son; come home one day to discover that, with the exception of the baby’s room, the house has been ransacked. But there doesn’t seem to be anything missing. It isn’t until after they install the cameras that the probability of robbers is virtually eliminated and things start to get creepy.

That’s creepy for them, not necessarily for us. Weird noises come out of nowhere and objects appear to move by themselves, but it’s never particularly scary to watch on camera; even when it becomes obvious that there’s something supernatural going on. When you ponder the suggested cause, which revolves around some folklore the daughter reads on the internet, it’s actually quite silly.

my rating : 2 of 5


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