video review : Unidentified : Inside America’s UFO Investigation [ Season 1 ]

video review : Unidentified : Inside America's UFO Investigation [ Season 1 ]

The one glaring flaw of this show, which follows Lue Elizondo as he attempts to “expose” the truth about UFOs, is that it extends what should be a two-hour documentary to a six part (four-hour) miniseries. It does so by repeating itself ad nauseam.

Perhaps the point is to make each episode stand on its own, but it gets annoying. It’s the compelling concept that keeps it interesting. Though Elizondo places too much importance on eyewitness testiomony, which simply isn’t reliable, there is video evidence.

Unidentified revolves (aerodynamically) around the three Pentagon videos revealed by The New York Times in 2017, probably the most government-official clips of UFOs ever released in the US. It starts with what one pilot describes as “a giant Tic Tac”.

my rating : 4 of 5


video review : Missing 411

video review : Missing 411

This documentary is unnecessary; the subject of people gone missing in the wilderness is better covered by David Paulides on Coast To Coast AM and other talk shows; but it’s an interesting watch. It focuses on a handful of the hundreds of cases he covers in his books, all involving kids.

My problem with the Missing 411 concept is how David Paulides suggests there’s something supernatural tying all the cases together instead of presenting them as individual mysteries. He surprisingly goes against that here by presenting some of the family/friends as possible killers.

my rating = 4 of 5


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