audio review : Science Of Life ( album ) … Sadat X

audio review : Science Of Life ( album ) ... Sadat X

Sadat X apparently considers this an official album, but it comes across as a mixtape of sorts in celebration of “the world opened back up” from the (ridiculous) hoopla of Covid-19. Though I certainly disagree with his boneheaded views on race and religion; he compares Niggas To Gods; I remain a fan of his odd word-emphasizing rap style, especially over raw soul-bap beats like these.

my rating : 3 of 5


a DJ Kay Slay rap collaboration : Rolling 110 Deep


audio review : Plan Of Attack ( song ) … Sadat X + Masta Ace

Masta Ace is a better rapper, but Sadat X’s voice and off-kilter delivery outshines him here. “Make my own rule book,” the Nubian says, “Verse and a cool hook.” He’s right about the hook. It’s the catchiest part of the song.

The beat, a New York borough banger, is produced by Marco Polo. My only real complaint about the song is the placement of the DJ-Premier-like scratch break after Ace’s verse. It should go straight to the chorus like X’s.

my rating : 4 of 5