Rainy Season ( story ) … Stephen King

This is Stephen King’s take on the old “raining cats and dogs” idiom. That he takes it literally, swapping mammals for amphibians, makes the story, which traps a young couple in a small town vacation house, more comedy than horror.

Once the downpour begins, things get interesting. It’s preposterous all the way; this is a story about killer toads Raining from the sky; but fun and somewhat captivating, at least during the second half where most of the action occurs.

my rating : 3 of 5


Rainy Season ( story ) ... Stephen King

video review : Total Recall

video review : Total Recall

Douglas Quaid’s wife is hot, especially when she’s fighting up a sweat. He loses her, along with the normal life he thought he had, after going to Rekall, a corporation that sells fake vacation memories via brain implants. He chooses the Mars trip with the option of being a “secret agent”.

Things go wrong immediately and that’s when the adventure begins. It’s also when the confusion begins as Quaid tries to determine what’s real and what isn’t. The plot sometimes lapses to trite; the hero is prone to corny one-liners; but Total Recall is ultimately a trip that’s both fun and memorable.

my rating : 4 of 5


a dream I had about two old people who vacationed a lot

They were an old, probably in their 60s or 70s, married couple. At least I think they were married. They could’ve just been romantic partners, close friends or even genetic relatives. Whatever the case, according to what they were telling me, they were travelers.

They were apparently both retired from a life of working regular jobs and resigned to a new life of wanderlust. They’d been some of everywhere, they said, from state to state if not out of the country and around the world, to vacation and see the world.

I hate being cold, but hearing them talk about going to the snowy northern states; they may have even shown me pictures; had me wanting to go too. They were going mostly for the memories though. I just wanted to get some interesting video.

I mentioned my desire to go and, even though we were strangers; I don’t know what we were doing together but I remember helping them put what seemed like a Home Depot flat cart in the back of their van or RV; they said I could come along on their next trip.

I can’t remember the woman’s exact wording but she said they would love for me to come along because they could use the company. They were often lonely, she said; she definitely used the word “lonely”; as a lot of people are when they reach that age in life.

I got the impression I would be riding with them as opposed to driving along in my own car, which is what I would’ve opted for in real life, and asked how much it would cost me. The woman, who did most of the talking, said “214”. That would also include meals.

I strongly considered it, mostly for video but also because they seemed to be people it would be nice to hang with, but I didn’t want to eat her cooking. I’m extremely finicky, almost OCD, when it comes to eating food people cooked and probably talked over.

Still it was nice for them to ask me to tag along, even if it was for their own benefit of having a new friend, and I appreciated it. I hadn’t yet made an official decision by the time I awoke shortly after putting the item in for them, but I was thinking about it.

2020 ( April 01 )

an Early Learner map of The United States

an Early Learner map of The United States


video review : Christopher Robin

video review : Christopher Robin

“You don’t have to tell me every time you pick one up,” Eeyore groans to Christopher Robin, who’s been finding acorn shells in the forest. It’s one of the rare times the movie’s constant attempts at being funny actually succeed. The plot, which plays between Robin’s family life and his job as an efficiency expert at a luggage company, is mostly silly.

my rating : 2 of 5