If It Bleeds ( book ) … Stephen King

If It Bleeds ( book ) ... Stephen King

“If It Bleeds, it leads,” the old news trope goes, but what if it bores? That’s the problem with this book; a set of Stephen King novellas à la Full Dark No Stars, Four Past Midnight and Different Seasons. The worst is The Life Of Chuck, a fictional biography about a man I couldn’t care less about.

The best is Rat, which seems like it’s going to be a decent story; the headline here reads something like Novelist With Flu Stuck In Cabin During Killer Cyclone; until its ridiculous title character comes into play. It’s Stephen King’s preference for the strange and supernatural that ruins this one.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone, about a boy gifting a dying “luddite” with an iPhone, plods along drearily, though John Harrigan is probably the most interesting character If It Bleeds has to offer. The silly title bit, which stars Holly Gibney and follows The Outsider, is about a shapeshifting news reporter.

my rating : 2 of 5


video review : Halloween 3 [ Season Of The Witch ]

video review : Halloween 3 [ Season Of The Witch ]

What the hell is this? It certainly isn’t a Halloween movie. The main character, a doctor named Daniel, watches one on TV. I guess that’s supposed to be the link. What a ruse. The plot has nothing to do with the 1978 original, which might not be so bad if it weren’t so stupid. Michael Myers is replaced with killer androids in business suits.

my rating : 1 of 5


video review : Halloween 2

video review : Halloween 2

2 is better than 1 if only because it starts, after a pointless recap, at full thrust. It’s still Halloween night (1978) in the city of Haddonfield and Michael Myers remains on the loose.

Laurie Strode is his prime target and she’s still conveniently inept, at one point waiting for help to walk away to scream for help, but this time it’s revealed why he wants to kill her so bad.

The best parts are the first several minutes after the beginning title sequence before the setting switches to the local hospital; Haddonfield Memorial Hospital; where it stays to the end.

my rating : 3 of 5