audio : me talking about the absurdity of transgenderism



1weird Doe :

I’m the empress with the hairy ass.

Teal X :

He’s right!!!

Brad Chervel :

There are Men and women and trans men and trans women. I dont agree with the Cis term. To me that means bio men and bio women. That said I have MAJOR trans fatigue.

traskalle :

This is pure willful ignorance from you dude. Have you totally missed all the research on the topic?
Do you really think “it doesn’t make sense to me so it’s absurd” is a valid argument?

WispYart :

The questions that you ask are trivial. The misconceptions that you formed are also trivial. I don’t know if you read the comments, feels like you don’t, but I suggested in one of them how you can find answers in a discussion form if you prefer it. Let me know if you are interested.

21st Century Man :

It’s not that one person has never been able to make it make sense. Rather… you are just too ignorant to make sense of it. There has been a lot of research done on this topic. Instead of embarrassing yourself… conduct some actual research. Look into Gender psychology, gender identity etc. Look into what we have learned about gender identity in areas like neuroscience, biology, and psychology. In those three areas of science (and many others), gender identity is well understood. There was a great article published in the Journal of Neuroscience in December of last year called: Neuroscience and Sex/Gender: Looking back and forward” which explained how we are able to understand gender identity through measured brain activity. Focus on these areas in science and maybe you might learn something. I doubt you are qualified or have any expertise in gender studies… therefore you should find out what the actual experts are learning in their research. If you educate yourself… you will look less ignorant.

DREY4400 :


Arthur :

I don’t need to understand it to mind my own business and let people live their lives. Using someone’s preferred pronouns is hardly an inconvenience.

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